The Muri Competition

Welcome to a unique competition, festival and cultural event in Muri!

The Muri Competition is an international competition for young oboists and bassoonists. Selected by a competent pre-jury, 40 candidates each at most are invited to present themselves to an international top-class jury and to compete for one of the much looked for, generous scholarships. 

So far, The Muri Compeition has seen two editions, in 2013 and 2016 - a big success with a lot of positive response. The grounds of Muri Abbey with their authentic historic ambiance provide an ideal venue for TMC. It is a unique experience and un-paralleled event for musicians. We are very much looking forward to a next edition, which will take place from 22 - 28 April 2019.

The town of Muri is located in the southern part of the Canton Aargau in the hilly Mittelland region of Switzerland. Muri has 7’300 inhabitants and boasts a singular heritage waiting to be discovered: Muri's nearly 1000 year-old Abbey, the graves of the Imperial Habsburg family or an important collection of paintings of Caspar Wolf, to name but a few highlights.

Endulge in the pictures throughout the last edition in 2016 in our picture gallery.