Top class musical event in Muri

The Muri Competition is an international competition for young oboists and bassoonists and will take place for the third time in 2019 hosted by Murikultur.
In 2013, Muri-born oboist Renato Bizzotto came up with the idea for the competition. In his oboe colleague Martin Frutiger and bassoonist Matthias Rácz, he found suitable jury presidents and enthusiastic supporters.
The result was the international competition for young and talented double reed players. In total, 40 young artists can prove their talent per instrument. They can win valuable prizes in the form of cash prizes, grants and solo performances.
The Muri Competition, with its competent jury, has become a competition with a significant reputation and enjoys great international recognition.

We look forward to a top class musical event - at The Muri Competition from the 22nd to the 28th of April 2019.

1. Preis 2016
Oboe: Mathilde Lebert (1986), Frankreich
Fagott: Andrea Cellacchi (1997), Italien
1. Preis 2013
Oboe: Kyeong Ham (1993). Süd-Korea
Fagott: Rie Koyama (1991), Japan
Renato Bizzotto, Projektleiter Musik
Martin Frutiger, Jurypräsident Oboe
Matthias Rácz, Jurypräsident Fagott